Definition of Citizen's Charter in English:

Citizen's Charter


  • A document setting out the rights of citizens, especially a British government document of 1991 that guaranteed citizens the right of redress on occasions where a public service failed to meet certain standards.

    • ‘Speaking after releasing a Citizen's Charter, he said that if one looks at things from a common man's point of view, the development works undertaken by the ruling government will come into picture.’
    • ‘To promote the idea of this active citizenship, he launched the Citizen's Charter initiative in the summer of 1991.’
    • ‘As with the Next Steps' initiative, the good intentions of the Citizen's Charter to improve customer care across the public service provided opportunity for it to use such support to its advantage.’
    • ‘What was the Citizen's Charter if it was not public service reform under a different badge?’
    • ‘If he did not have an agenda on the scale of his predecessor, he certainly had his policy concerns, including low inflation, and the Citizen's Charter to improve public services.’