Definition of cistus in English:



  • A southern European shrub with large white or red flowers, from which the resin ladanum may be extracted.

    Genus Cistus, family Cistaceae

    Also called rock rose
    • ‘Olive trees planted in full sun look their best surrounded by scented herbs and silver-grey Mediterranean plants: helichrysum, cistus, lavender, myrtle and rosemary.’
    • ‘These and plants such as lavatera, buddleia and cistus are generally not worth moving unless they have been in the ground for two or three years.’
    • ‘A troop of singing peasants near the road were making mountain hay, full of clover, cistus, and thyme.’
    • ‘Some of the native plants we found growing in the rocky limestone soils of the hills and mountains away from the coastal plains were familiar: cistus, helichrysum, euphorbia, thyme, fennel and rosemary.’
    • ‘His garden has a ‘contemplative side’, with plants from China and Japan, including maples and Himalayan poppies, and a sunnier, Mediterranean side, with euphorbia, osteospermum, sedums, cistus and lavenders.’


Modern Latin, from Greek kistos.