Definition of cisticola in English:



  • A small Old World warbler with brownish streaked plumage, found mainly in Africa.

    Genus Cisticola, family Sylviidae: numerous species. See also fan-tailed warbler

    • ‘Weavers and cisticolas continued to test our knowledge of these challenging families.’
    • ‘Calls are probably the best way to identify cisticolas, as each species has its own unique song.’
    • ‘For his own contributions, he chose the difficult bulbuls in volume 4 and the cisticolas in volume 5.’
    • ‘The zitting cisticola takes insects and insect larvae on the ground.’
    • ‘In ornithological circles, he perhaps is best known for unraveling the systematics of the cisticolas, a notoriously difficult group of Old World warblers.’


Modern Latin, from Greek kistos ‘flowering shrub’ + Latin -col- ‘dwelling in’ (from the verb colere).