Definition of cissing in English:



mass noun
  • (in decorating) failure of paint to adhere properly to a surface.

    • ‘More particularly, it relates to an additive to aqueous paint for improving the wetability thereof for preventing coating defects such as craters, cissing and pinholes.’
    • ‘Step 1: Rub over the panel with a damp sponge and Rottenstone powder to eliminate cissing.’
    • ‘As with cissing, peeling may also occur if paint has been applied on a very shiny surface.’
    • ‘Here, wetting defects, such as cissing, crawling and even bad adhesion of the paint film occur.’
    • ‘Poor degreasing will not remove the grease and graphite on the profile surface which could cause cissing and poor coating adhesion.’


Late 19th century: of unknown origin.