Definition of cisco in English:



  • A freshwater whitefish of northern countries, most species of which are important food fishes.

    Genus Coregonus, family Salmonidae: several species

    • ‘They prey on such fish as the cisco (lake herring), lake whitefish, central mudminnow, and golden shiner.’
    • ‘Overfishing of other species of ciscoes has reduced populations, and shifted more pressure to Coregonus hoyi.’
    • ‘Other Great Lakes species that have been lost are the deepwater cisco in the 1950's, the blackfin cisco in the 1960s, and the longjaw cisco in the 1970's.’
    • ‘Only a handful of endangered species, such as the Tecopa pupfish, the longjaw cisco, and the dusky seaside sparrow, have ever been taken off the list because they went extinct.’
    • ‘Coregonine fishes in New York, both whitefish and cisco, have been extensively introduced into waters outside of their natural ranges, such as lakes in the Adirondack Mountains.’


Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.