Definition of cisatlantic in English:



  • On the same side of the Atlantic as the speaker.

    • ‘One thinks of his first book with its peerless interpretation of faith and culture in the cisatlantic lands of Don Quixote and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.’
    • ‘The few exceptional chapters are mostly by cisatlantic authors.’
    • ‘In the preface to the English translation, he says that his cisatlantic experience left him with ‘a persistent sense of self-consciousness and Unheimlichkeit.’’
    • ‘From the settlement of the colonies, down to the epoch of our independence, only two men detach themselves from the multitude of cisatlantic scribes, as emphatic individualities, expressing themselves through the written word.’
    • ‘In American Studies, for example, the transatlantic, the circumatlantic and the cisatlantic on one seaboard and Pacific Rim paradigms on the other offer modes of understanding and theorizing flows which provide crucial ways of rethinking place and its relationship to space.’