Definition of Cirripedia in English:


plural noun

  • A class of crustaceans that comprises the barnacles.

    • ‘On the whole the maxillopodan groups Ostracoda and Cirripedia and the Malacostraca have left the most significant fossil records.’
    • ‘This interest in marine invertebrates was to be a life long obsession, climaxing in his massive four-volume contribution to the comparative anatomy and systematics of fossil and living Cirripedia or ‘barnacles’.’
    • ‘Rhizocephala belong to the group Cirripedia and are endoparasites on decapods (shrimps and crabs).’
    • ‘As a result, the debate bears on the following points: whether or not the Ascothoracica to be included within the Cirripedia and whether or not the Rhizocephala belong to the Cirripedia.’
    • ‘Most Cirripedia do not contain an oxygen transport protein.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin cirrus ‘a curl’ (because of the form of the legs) + pes, ped- ‘foot’.