Definition of cire perdue in English:

cire perdue


mass noun
  • A method of bronze casting using a clay core and a wax coating placed in a mould. The wax is melted in the mould and drained out, and bronze poured into the space left, producing a hollow bronze figure when the core is discarded.

    Also called lost wax
    • ‘The lost-wax process (cire perdue) remains the tried and true method.’
    • ‘Most of the main metalworking techniques were well developed, including casting (in two piece and cire perdue (lost wax) moulds), alloying, annealing, sheet metalwork, riveting, wire-making, graving, and soldering.’
    • ‘They have been beautifully inscribed on both sides of the tablet, either from a mould using the cire perdue (lost wax) technique or, more probably, by direct engraving on the bronze.’


French, ‘lost wax’.


cire perdue

/ˌsɪə pəːˈdjuː/