Definition of circumvallation in English:



  • A defensive wall of a castle or walled city.

    ‘a small stream encircled the space between the inner and outer circumvallations’
    • ‘This circumvallation had begun modestly enough as a yard-high rampart with stockade and ditch, but successive developments raised it to well over 30 feet.’
    • ‘The Athenians cut off Syracuse with two forts, and began a twin circumvallation, but left their northern walls incomplete, which proved disastrous.’
    • ‘Edinburgh had been walled in 1450, and so narrow was the circumvallation that the Cowgate was beyond the circle of towers.’
    • ‘In its original condition a small streamlet encircled the space between the inner and outer circumvallations.’
    • ‘At the corner of the circumvallation, on the north-west, there was a fish-pond.’
    castellation, parapet, rampart, balustrade, wall, bulwark, barbican, bastion
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