Definition of circumsolar in English:



  • Moving or situated around the sun.

    • ‘The purpose of this task was preparing new data about processes of solid material sublimation and dynamics of circumsolar dust clouds at indicated spectral lines.’
    • ‘The contents support a remarkably simple way of envisioning how members of the sun's family, including our home planet, make their circumsolar rounds.’
    • ‘The Earth was born in the Sun's plasma and was put by the Sun into the circumsolar orbit more than 4 billon years ago.’
    • ‘The shape of the sky radiance distribution agrees with the experimental measurements in the clear day conditions, when the estimated circumsolar radiation is used with the isotropic method.’
    • ‘A disadvantage of this arrangement is reduction of power of solar cells as a diffuse circumsolar radiation represents a substantial part of the solar radiation energy.’