Definition of circuit in English:



  • 1A roughly circular line, route, or movement that starts and finishes at the same place.

    ‘I ran a circuit of the village’
    • ‘On your fourth flight you fly solo and by then you're pretty confident in flying circuits.’
    • ‘It sticks doggedly to its line through numerous fast circuits round large roundabouts.’
    • ‘We boarded the Moorsbus at Cropton, leaving the village buzzing with a group of 30 or more ramblers off to do a local circuit.’
    • ‘Little buggies do circuits round the island as golfers try to discover what's going on.’
    • ‘They'd make a few circuits of the church so we all got a good look.’
    • ‘She had just finished her circuit of the room, when she realized that nothing else had caught her eye.’
    • ‘Since 1995, the flight circuits have been directed to the north, north-west and south of the base.’
    • ‘He finished a circuit around the main square.’
    • ‘The helicopter flew a final circuit and then the show was over.’
    • ‘Blood flows in a circuit between the heart and the lungs.’
    • ‘The planes end up flying circuits around Perth to burn up fuel or to dump fuel on arrival.’
    • ‘I finished my circuit of the town, now also wanting to buy an antiquarian book.’
    • ‘The race finishes with a circuit race in the centre of Dublin next Sunday.’
    • ‘The walk route is a 1km circuit around the park, so you can do as many laps as you like.’
    • ‘We have a witness who was driving a circuit route around this part of the Island.’
    • ‘In the real tour, 11 circuits of the Champs Elysees are expected to climax in a mass sprint for what has become one of the most prestigious victories in professional cycling.’
    • ‘The direction of travel around a circuit is decided by the instructor.’
    • ‘The circuit was almost finished, and I was second.’
    • ‘At present, long haul international freighters are losing capacity because of the need to carry extra fuel to fly circuits around Perth in case the weather is poor.’
    • ‘Grunting, he picked up one sack, bearing it with him as he finished the circuit of the booths.’
    lap, turn, tour, round, circle, orbit, revolution, loop
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    1. 1.1British A track used for motor racing, horse racing, or athletics.
      ‘Hockenheim was a fast circuit but was regarded as one of the safest’
      • ‘I like the Hungaroring, as it's quite a different track from the rest of the Formula One circuits.’
      • ‘He had never raced at the circuit before and his performance was excellent.’
      • ‘After the first two days of testing, the official drivers swapped circuits.’
      • ‘The track actually consists of 5 separate circuits, including a 2.5km oval and a 1.2km drag strip.’
      • ‘The winner and their guest will be flown to the circuit by helicopter, where they will be able to watch the race from the best seats in the house.’
      • ‘With me in the passenger seat, Mark took me around four laps of the circuit.’
      • ‘There used to be a kart circuit opposite the market and that was the only place I raced for the first three years.’
      • ‘Hislop couldn't afford to take his family to the tour's race circuits with him to cultivate their interest.’
      • ‘Bardon flew around the circuit in an impressive time of 29.84.’
      • ‘Road racing was popular on the continent but in Britain it was banned, leading to the development of closed circuits on private land.’
      • ‘Imola is a nice track and a special circuit to open this part of the calendar.’
      • ‘Powering his way around the circuit he finished with three and a half lengths to spare.’
      • ‘On the circuit, 600 meters from the finish line, there was a cobblestone section that we passed over every loop we made.’
      • ‘It is also a circuit designed for Formula One cars as it is very smooth.’
      • ‘My goal here is to learn the circuit as fast as I can and obviously try to finish the race.’
      • ‘Talladega is still the fastest track on the circuit.’
      • ‘The crowd then briskly moves to the trackside to watch the start and follow the colours of their jockey around the circuit to the finish line.’
      • ‘The runners had a six-kilometre circuit, within which Mosley finished in 20 minutes, 27 seconds.’
      • ‘Having raced bikes for the past 22 years, this vastly experienced rider made short work of the circuit and fellow riders.’
      • ‘I am very pleased to have crossed the finish line on my home circuit in front of all the celebrating mechanics.’
      track, racetrack, running track, course
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  • 2An established itinerary of events or venues used for a particular activity, typically involving sport or public performance.

    ‘the alternative cabaret circuit’
    • ‘It was one of the biggest shows to tour the country music circuit; the line up was impressive.’
    • ‘Cliff diving is an international sport with a world circuit contested by competitors from as far afield as Iceland and Brazil.’
    • ‘The comedian has been a regular performer at major venues on the national circuit.’
    • ‘Since then, she has toured the European circuit.’
    • ‘The Rotherham-born actress started work on the cabaret circuit as a singer touring the north of England.’
    • ‘The race accompanies the Berlin Marathon, a major event on the running circuit.’
    • ‘No strangers to the tour circuit, these boys have been doing the rounds for several years.’
    • ‘From Sundance to Venice, each film has trodden the path of the festival circuit.’
    • ‘A growing theatre company is developing its circuit of rural venues by bringing a piece of contemporary dynamite to local stages.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We've spent years getting the circuit ready for this event, proving we could run it’.’
    • ‘He wouldn't want his name to be slandered on the party circuit for being a closed-minded homophobe.’
    • ‘She secured the coveted title of Sports Personality of the Year based on her outstanding performances on the international circuit last year.’
    • ‘The films will be introduced by the acclaimed Italian director, whose movies have done the rounds in international film circuits.’
    • ‘In addition to her fairground business, she sells smuggled liquor to the inns and public houses on her circuit.’
    • ‘There are actual tour circuits where, twice a month, people will host a show in their homes.’
    • ‘The youngster has become firmly established on the showbiz circuit in the past year.’
    • ‘Ever since Tiger Woods entered the golf circuit, the sport hasn't been the same.’
    • ‘Her brief career has been dotted with some creditable performances in the domestic circuit.’
    • ‘He studied literature and drama before working the cabaret circuit.’
    • ‘As for the live circuit, nothing beats getting yourself out to a comedy club and checking out new talent first hand.’
    1. 2.1 A series of athletic exercises performed consecutively in one training session.
      as modifier ‘circuit training’
      • ‘Performing a circuit workout once or twice a week will at least keep you in the habit of training.’
      • ‘For variety, moving quickly through a circuit of several weightlifting exercises also can do the trick.’
      • ‘This will include professional tennis coaching, co-ordination circuits and fun team sports and competitions.’
      • ‘This workout uses a circuit format, which means you don't rest between exercises.’
      • ‘There will also be a five-week circuit training course beginning on January 12.’
      • ‘To perform this workout as a circuit, move from exercise to exercise without rest until you complete one set of each.’
      • ‘The program involved eight exercises, performed in a circuit manner with a short rest between each station.’
      • ‘Perform the following four exercises as a circuit for each arm, doing all moves for one arm before switching.’
      • ‘Abdominal muscle tone is important for stability, so a circuit along the following lines should help his performance and reduce the risk of injury.’
      • ‘Complete one or two circuits two or three days a week.’
      • ‘If your hotel has a fitness center, this is the day to add a light circuit of resistance training to work all your muscles.’
      • ‘Nearly every day the swimmers complete a circuit of hand weights and stretch cords.’
      • ‘To complete the first cycle in the circuit, after you have finished your barbell rows, immediately begin your bent knee sit-ups; perform 30 reps.’
      • ‘Do this workout as a circuit twice a week in conjunction with your regular training.’
      • ‘For maximum definition and toning of your entire body, perform 10 cardio/strength circuits.’
      • ‘You team up with a partner and after the warm-up, you do two circuits of 15 different exercises.’
      • ‘Training consisted of daily sessions of rigorous circuits and sparring to fine-tune skills and fitness for the approaching battle.’
      • ‘A range of programmes such as aerobics, dance classes and circuit training will be offered to cater for all age groups and various levels of fitness.’
      • ‘Included in the hour long session is a 30-minute exercise circuit, which could prove the ideal way to shed those pounds for Christmas.’
      • ‘Your circuit training could include kickboxing and weight training techniques.’
    2. 2.2 A regular journey made by a judge around a particular district to hear cases in court.
      as modifier ‘a circuit judge’
      • ‘He cited a case where a circuit court judge made a ruling on a point of law which disadvantaged the prosecution.’
      • ‘The presiding circuit judge might not have known all the laws relevant to the case.’
      • ‘After the report, a tribunal of Maryland circuit court judges reduced the homicide charge to manslaughter.’
      • ‘As one of two family law judges on the circuit, she was one of the first to deal with divorce cases.’
      • ‘It is my hope that all appeals will be listed for hearing by circuit judges.’
      • ‘The responsibility is greatest when the circuit judge is asked to issue a search warrant.’
      • ‘The junior minister urged district and circuit court judges to start using the new law immediately.’
      • ‘Judicial councils are composed of circuit judges, and they proceed under the direction of the senior circuit judge.’
      • ‘The Assize courts were presided over by High Court judges out on circuit.’
      • ‘Members attended bi-weekly court sessions, wherein their progress was individually appraised by a resident circuit judge.’
      • ‘The circuit judges' ruling left things as they are for the moment.’
      • ‘The circuit court judge decided the litigants didn't have a right to sue.’
      • ‘To see junior barristers in action, visits to district or circuit courts are a good idea.’
      • ‘He returned to the legal profession, becoming a circuit court judge in Gadsden.’
      • ‘Outside the capital, most divorce cases are heard in circuit courts that do not sit year round.’
      • ‘A neighbours' squabble over late-night noise ended in court before a circuit judge, 12 jurors and two barristers.’
      • ‘At 30, Joe McCarthy was the youngest man ever elected a circuit judge in Wisconsin.’
      • ‘It was the kind of decision that the liberal judges on the circuit normally ask the court to rehear.’
      • ‘When the judge refused, she appealed her decision to a circuit court.’
      • ‘The circuit court judge who heard the case at trial directed the jury to find for the plaintiff.’
      tour, tour of duty, rounds
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    3. 2.3 A district administered or formerly administered by travelling judges.
      ‘the six circuits of England and Wales replaced the old system of assizes’
      • ‘Six tourism circuits will be identified for development to international standards during 2002-03.’
      • ‘The country was divided by Henry II into six judicial circuits for the purpose of bringing royal justice to all regions.’
      • ‘The commissioners were major lay and ecclesiastical lords with only small landholdings in the shires of the circuit.’
    4. 2.4 A group of local Methodist Churches forming an administrative unit.
      ‘the success of any chapel or Methodist circuit depended on the minister’
      • ‘There are currently around 11 Methodist churches in the Keighley circuit.’
      • ‘The cathedral is set to be packed for the service, with all tickets already distributed through deaneries and Methodist circuits.’
      • ‘In 1863 he took charge of the Ramer circuit in south Montgomery County, Alabama.’
      • ‘There are other churches on the Methodist circuit in Accrington so there might be other people in other churches prepared to help.’
    5. 2.5 A chain of theatres or cinemas under a single management.
      ‘the company also bought cinema circuits in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia’
      • ‘In more than 20 years of studying the Odeon cinema circuit, he had seen this kind of scenario enacted many times.’
  • 3A complete and closed path around which a circulating electric current can flow.

    ‘the maximum number of light fittings on a circuit is twelve’
    • ‘When there is a path that goes from the negative to the positive terminal, you have a circuit, and electrons can flow through the wire.’
    • ‘In every circuit, voltage, current and resistance are exactly proportional, mathematically speaking.’
    • ‘In the ordinary telephone system, each time we make a call, we have to establish a circuit between our phone and the phone of the person we would like to talk with.’
    • ‘Increasingly, aluminium circuits were restricting the flow of electrical current, creating signal delay between the millions of transistors inside a chip.’
    • ‘When you pick up a handset it generates a loop current in the circuit.’
    • ‘If a fuse is in the supply circuit, it will do its job and blow out, opening the circuit and stopping the current flow.’
    • ‘The very small particles stream through wires and circuits creating currents of electricity.’
    • ‘The battery forces electrons to flow through the circuit from one terminal to the other.’
    • ‘Follow the path of the circuits back a bit to see where they connect up to solder points.’
    • ‘Lithography tools are used to draw the lines of a circuit on to a semiconductor wafer.’
    • ‘When the charges connect, effectively closing a circuit, electric energy flows along that jagged path.’
    • ‘When air is brought into contact with the second electrode, current flows through any circuit linking the two electrodes.’
    • ‘With the exception of sound, electricity is the only other kinesis that requires a circuit or path to get to a destination.’
    • ‘He had learned that an inductance coil was a closed circuit with no current of its own.’
    1. 3.1 A system of electrical conductors and components forming an electrical circuit.
      ‘control circuits’
      • ‘Basically, LEDs are just tiny light bulbs that fit easily into an electrical circuit.’
      • ‘The heating element includes heating segments connected together in an electric circuit.’
      • ‘My grandfather had died in 1913 installing electric circuits when he, my father, was a baby.’
      • ‘Engineers added the new circuits for the electric air conditioning.’
      • ‘In the accident identification system, there are circuits to determine when there is an abnormal movement that indicates an accident.’
      • ‘Thanks to wireless integration, roughly 20 more lighting circuits became programmable for use in lighting scenes and pathways.’
      • ‘In an electrical circuit, the number of electrons that are moving is called the amperage or the current, and it is measured in amps.’
      • ‘The local phone company lost one of its major switching centres, with some 200,000 lines and three million circuits.’
      • ‘A control circuit is coupled to the sensors and receives the signals.’
      • ‘The electron from the hydrogen goes through the electrical circuit to the cathode to make water.’
      • ‘Mauchly's interests were in electrical engineering and he looked for ways to develop electrical circuits for computation.’
      • ‘For electric circuits on a nanoscale, further components are needed in addition to tiny wires.’
      • ‘They claim that the company owes other telecoms operators about £1.25 million in fines for the late delivery of telecoms circuits and leased lines.’
      • ‘The components of the circuit are checked against specific parameters.’
      • ‘A battery is only one source for an electric circuit.’
      • ‘Power electronics technology uses electronic circuits to convert and control electric energy with optimum efficiency.’
      • ‘The chips would be made from silicon or plastic, using microscopic machinery which can fit electric circuits on to objects too small to be seen by the naked eye.’
      • ‘The control circuits take mere nanoseconds to decide how the laser light must be modulated.’
      • ‘Applied as very thin films, they create a fabric of nanotube ropes that can conduct electricity in circuits.’
      • ‘She cannot list the major components in an electrical circuit even though they were described in the chapter.’


[with object]
  • Move all the way around (a place or thing)

    ‘the trains will follow the Northern line, circuiting the capital’
    • ‘This nine-mile walk circuited through the local forestry.’
    • ‘Pull up a pillion seat and spend the next hour breezily circuiting the Rock while your driver tells its tale.’
    • ‘Very deliberately, like discoursing philosophers, we circuited the diamond.’
    • ‘You will accompany me as we backtrack through art's history, before circuiting the globe in pursuit of art's diverse manifestations.’
    • ‘Most of those are in the main belt, where some millions of asteroids larger than 1 km in size are thought to circuit the Sun.’
    • ‘Drake's expedition was the second to circuit the globe and also led to his claiming California for Elizabeth.’
    • ‘There is a railway with model trains circuiting the room.’
    • ‘After eight of our orbits Venus has circuited the Sun 13 times, and returns to more or less the same position relative to us.’
    • ‘An American couple, circuiting the perimeter, had just visited HMS Britannia.’


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin circuitus, from circuire, variant of circumire ‘go round’, from circum ‘around’ + ire ‘go’.