Definition of cipolin in English:



  • [mass noun] An Italian marble with veins of talc, mica, or quartz, showing alternating white and green streaks:

    [as modifier] ‘hand-painted cipolin marble plates’
    • ‘The stairway is lined with cipolin marble.’
    • ‘It has three naves with a double row of ancient cipolin marble columns.’
    • ‘Housing the collection are three cipolin marble-tile pavilions.’
    • ‘These terraces were separated from the rest of the cavea by a green cipolin balustrade.’
    • ‘The peristyle is bordered by a double gallery with 60 granite and cipolin columns.’


Late 18th century: from French, from Italian cipollino, from cipolla onion (because its structure, having thin veins of other minerals, resembles onion skin).