Definition of ciliary body in English:

ciliary body


  • The part of the eye that connects the iris to the choroid. It consists of the ciliary muscle (which alters the curvature of the lens), a series of radial ciliary process (from which the lens is suspended by ligaments), and the ciliary ring (which adjoins the choroid).

    • ‘In people who have normal vision, the ciliary body flattens the lens enough to bring objects into focus at a distance of 20 feet or more.’
    • ‘He showed that UV rays were effective for treating tubercular and inflammatory eye conditions involving the conjunctiva, cornea, iris, ciliary body, choroids and retina.’
    • ‘The ciliary body contains the muscular structure in the eye that changes the shape of the eye's lens.’
    • ‘The lens is supported by the suspensory ligament from the ciliary body, and changes in its shape permit change of focus.’
    • ‘Zonules are ligaments attached to the anterior portion of the ciliary body that help suspend the lens.’