Definition of cigarette paper in English:

cigarette paper


  • A piece of thin paper with a gummed edge for rolling tobacco in to make a cigarette.

    • ‘He rolled it up in a piece of cigarette paper, and walked back into the room.’
    • ‘I'd packed fifty pouches of tobacco in my suitcase, and no cigarette paper.’
    • ‘Research published in the Guardian last week stated that sales of rolling tobacco have fallen, whilst the cigarette paper company has seen its sales soar.’
    • ‘She revealed that she normally took her cigarette papers, tobacco and lighter upstairs with her, because the children had been known to play with them.’
    • ‘Maybe I'd popped out for some cigarette papers or something.’
    • ‘I was just wondering if either of you could spare a couple of cigarette papers.’
    • ‘The chief executive said he was negotiating further purchases in cigarette papers and roll-your-own tobacco.’
    • ‘Inside was a rolling machine, cigarette paper, and a dye for stamping packaging.’
    • ‘During the 60s, Soyinka spent some 27 months in solitary confinement, managing to write notes on cigarette papers, toilet paper and in between the lines of books.’
    • ‘I've run out of cigarette papers, which is a good thing, in that I cannot smoke any more.’
    • ‘It will also be illegal to have an unlit cigarette in your mouth, as ‘tobacco product’ includes any cigarette paper, tube or filter made for use in the smoking of tobacco.’
    • ‘He scarpered, picking up his cigarette papers and the little packet.’
    • ‘‘Rizla have become the equivalent of Hoover in the cigarette paper business,’ he said.’
    • ‘I took my regular Wednesday morning walk into Godshill to buy some cigarette papers and set up a standing order for the Saturday Guardian and was sweating by 9.30 am.’
    • ‘Witnesses saw the victim, from Bolton, chatting to a group of men and asking them for cigarette papers shortly before the accident.’
    • ‘Former binman and father-of-one Hobson was captured by police yesterday after being recognised by Mr North as he bought matches, water and cigarette papers.’
    • ‘Walking around a factory all day watching machines stuff tobacco into cigarette papers is plenty dull.’
    • ‘If they were produced using just plain tobacco and cigarette papers they would taste harsh and people would smoke fewer of them.’
    • ‘Harry offers cigarette papers, but no glass pipes - it's not that kind of shop.’


cigarette paper