Definition of cigarette machine in English:

cigarette machine


  • A slot machine that dispenses cigarettes.

    • ‘Once, finding change for the cigarette machine was as much a part of a Yorkshire night out as a pint and a game of darts.’
    • ‘This former cigarette machine now distributes small-scale works of art and miscellaneous artful products.’
    • ‘I was kicking a cigarette machine that didn't work in the members' enclosure.’
    • ‘In fact, there was a cigarette machine in the lobby of our hotel.’
    • ‘Near the washrooms (probably where, decades ago, the cigarette machine used to be) were two table-top videogames.’
    • ‘An unknown amount of cash was also taken from a cigarette machine, Wilks said.’
    • ‘They emptied the cigarette machine and broke into a small petty cash safe and stole about £200.’
    • ‘She said a video lottery machine, a cigarette machine and a safe were also targeted during the break-in.’
    • ‘We still need Irish coins around the place to give change for the cigarette machine and telephone.’
    • ‘A minimum of two people would be needed to lift a cigarette machine.’
    • ‘I don't smoke, but people are forever asking me if I have five £1 coins for the cigarette machine.’
    • ‘But at 11:30 pm I'd be scouring Harrogate for a cigarette machine.’
    • ‘They re-entered the premises and stole cash from three slot machines and a cigarette machine.’
    • ‘The 830,000 cigarette machines that sit on street-corners across the country were all said to be ready for business in both euro and mark from 1 January.’
    • ‘Pubs and clubs usually have no control over cigarette machines on their premises and outside contractors pay a fee to provide this service.’
    • ‘‘Hot dog,’ Bobby shouted to himself as he made his way up the bar toward the small lobby where the cigarette machine was located.’
    • ‘He nodded politely, then went over to the cigarette machine, sliding his hand flat into the pocket of his tight jeans to scoop out loose change.’
    • ‘Meanwhile with cigarette machines not needed any more in pubs it will be interesting to see what the proprietors of these machines will replace them with.’