Definition of cigarette end in English:

cigarette end


  • The unsmoked remainder of a cigarette.

    • ‘The man denied the charge but was convicted after being linked to the crime by DNA from a cigarette end he discarded in the cab.’
    • ‘Investigations by police and fire officers concluded that one of them had fallen asleep and dropped a lit cigarette end.’
    • ‘Investigations are now under way, but the station commander said that the fire could easily have been caused by something as simple as a discarded cigarette end.’
    • ‘A schoolboy arsonist flicked a lit cigarette end, sparking a major fire that caused an estimated £30,000 of damage to a supermarket.’
    • ‘A cigarette end would have been enough to ignite the litter.’
    • ‘A burning cigarette end can smoulder for hours before igniting and spreading.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The memorial was full of litter and cigarette ends.’’
    • ‘Occasionally, we had to stop for her to detach a small patch of darkened chewing gum or mushed cigarette end from her soles.’
    • ‘Many of the notices have been served against people throwing cigarette ends, which some may see as trivial.’
    • ‘We often receive complaints regarding cigarette ends littering entrances and other areas.’
    • ‘It is not known what caused the fire, but arson or a discarded cigarette end have not been ruled out.’
    • ‘Pru buried her cigarette end and smiled at her brother.’
    • ‘She walked to the entrance, took a few puffs and unceremoniously threw the cigarette end down.’
    • ‘People do not realise when they drop chewing gum and cigarette ends how difficult it is to pick it up when it goes between the cobbles.’
    • ‘The recent dry and warm weather has left open grassland in danger from the threat of cigarette ends left by walkers.’
    • ‘People disposing of cigarette ends is a particular problem the wardens are looking at, but it is not always easy to catch people in the act.’
    • ‘And anyone caught dropping litter - including chewing gum and cigarette ends - will be fined as the council vows to toughen up its bid to clean up the borough.’
    • ‘An ashtray emptied into a bin had contained a still burning cigarette end.’
    • ‘It was a major leak and it could have been disastrous if someone had flicked a cigarette end near to it.’
    • ‘He said it is believed a smouldering cigarette end caused the slow burning fire which destroyed a chair and caused smoke damage to four rooms.’


cigarette end