Definition of cigarette card in English:

cigarette card


  • A small collectable card with a picture on it, formerly included in packets of cigarettes.

    • ‘Experiments with cigarette cards came first, then model aeroplanes.’
    • ‘He raced in America, took part in the Isle of Man TT and was featured on cigarette cards in the 30s.’
    • ‘‘All we could afford at the Christie's auction was a set of Sherlock cigarette cards,’ says Elaine Greig of the Edinburgh Writer's Museum.’
    • ‘Swapping Pokemon cards to get the complete set did not seem really any different from earlier generations' swapping of football or cigarette cards, or from other collective obsessions.’
    • ‘One of the earliest tobacco advertising media was cigarette cards.’
    • ‘I'm hoping they will attain over time the status of collectable curios, like cigarette cards.’
    • ‘Fortunately, special ways of mounting are available for postage stamps, cigarette cards and similar items that are widely collected.’
    • ‘At the age of 11, Brian used to give his mate cigarette cards in return for a ride on his bike.’
    • ‘With over 120 stalls to choose from enthusiasts could buy and sell jewellery, fine porcelain and antiques as well as more ordinary ephemera such as cigarette cards, old toys, corkscrews and milk jugs.’
    • ‘Cigarette cards, along with glass marbles, were staples of the small child's barter system.’
    • ‘He loved a smoke and would collect all the cigarette cards - he had tins full of them.’
    • ‘As a child in South Chingford in the early 1950s, I hoarded bus tickets as part of a collecting mania that included cigarette cards, triangular cheese labels, matchbox labels, coins and lollipop wrappers.’
    • ‘The event at Scarborough, however, is a reminder that in the 1930s cigarette card trading was second only to stamp collecting in the list of world hobbies.’
    • ‘The book has been an eight-year labour of love for the Ewell resident whose interest started with collecting cigarette cards featuring famous jockeys.’
    • ‘The years 1900-17 have been described as ‘The Golden Age’ of the cigarette card.’
    • ‘Comics, cigarette cards, tin toys and objects found on the beach all combined into collage ideas when I was a student at Brighton and the Royal College of Art.’
    • ‘In some cases, it now seems to be a form of currency the way cigarette cards with football stars on them used to be.’
    • ‘Great design - each featured artist had a mock-up of one of those old cigarette cards devoted to them, with a clever little caricature and a potted biography.’
    • ‘Customers would give him cigarette cards - his first collectibles.’
    • ‘Anyway, he had this marvellous collection of cigarette cards.’