Definition of cigarette beetle in English:

cigarette beetle


  • A small reddish beetle that infests tobacco and other stored products.

    Lasioderma serricorne, family Anobiidae

    Also called tobacco beetle
    • ‘The cigarette beetle feeds on a variety of stored products such as paprika, chilli, and dried dog food.’
    • ‘The cigarette beetle has also been recorded attacking leather, furniture stuffing, and bookbinders paste.’
    • ‘Drugstore beetle larvae are not as ‘hairy’ as the cigarette beetle larvae.’
    • ‘Adult cigarette beetles are yellowish- to reddish-brown, oval-shaped, and about 1/10 inch long.’
    • ‘Drugstore beetles and cigarette beetles are about 1/8 inch long, oval, and brown.’
    • ‘Package and chewing tobaccos, cigars, and cigarettes that have been attacked by cigarette beetles have holes eaten through the tobacco.’
    • ‘These holes, which were caused by the application of the tax stamp using heat, probably allowed entry of cigarette beetle adults into the packs.’
    • ‘If cigarette beetles are found in stored tobacco, tobacco may be fumigated.’
    • ‘The cigarette beetle appears to prefer tobacco, but will develop on wheat flower, seeds, and many other dried plant materials.’
    • ‘The first step in control of the cigarette beetle is to find the source of the infestation.’