Definition of Ciceronian in English:



  • 1Characteristic of the work and thought of Cicero.

    ‘Ciceronian insight’
    • ‘Camden's aims, and those of his imitators, were not influenced by the Ciceronian model of rhetorical history.’
    • ‘He is also, in Ciceronian terms, a pretend friend.’
    • ‘Its three most distinctive features are: Ascham's dislike of corporal punishment; the Ciceronian technique of double translation; and his attitude to Italy.’
    • ‘Deeply imbued in Ciceronian ideas, and reacting sharply against the trends of his own century, his great book is a storehouse of sanity, humane scholarship and good sense.’
    • ‘The motive which led people to philosophize he described in Ciceronian terms as simply the quest for happiness.’
    • ‘But this Ciceronian ideal, vividly though it is expressed in the art and literature of Renaissance Italy, came by the end of the century to seem nothing more than a fantasy.’
    • ‘The treatise is written as a Ciceronian dialogue.’
    • ‘Tertullian and Augustine transformed the inheritance of Ciceronian rhetoric into an art of preaching.’
    • ‘For people raised on the old, Ciceronian interpretation of classics, this must indeed be disorienting.’
    • ‘As in The Prince, the point is made by way of an allusion to, and a sarcastic repudiation of, the values of Ciceronian humanism.’
    • ‘In this respect, it resembles Ciceronian friendship.’
    • ‘The essay itself has a Ciceronian title.’
    • ‘Her work identifies precisely the ‘instrumentalizing’ qualities of Machiavelli that differentiate him from other, more Ciceronian, Renaissance humanists.’
    • ‘And here yet another Ciceronian maxim was always ready to hand.’
    • ‘In effect this form of reasoning reverses the Ciceronian order of presentation.’
    • ‘That last term, with all its Ciceronian resonance, is perhaps the most revealing.’
    impressive, imposing, majestic, extravagant, grandiloquent, magniloquent, high-flown, high-sounding, lofty, rotund, orotund, bombastic, grandiose, pompous, pretentious, overblown, overripe, oratorical, rhetorical, turgid, flowery, florid, declamatory
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    1. 1.1 (of speech or writing) in an eloquent and rhythmic style similar to that of Cicero.
      ‘he was composing a Ciceronian memo’
      • ‘We live in a time and a culture where the concept of civility seems as dated as Ciceronian oratory.’
      • ‘These guys give hour-long Ciceronian addresses to empty chambers on a regular basis.’
      • ‘The speech and its Ciceronian conclusion are delivered completely without sentimentality.’
      • ‘In this century political speechmaking has tended to favor simplicity and conciseness, rendering Ciceronian floweriness less interesting.’
      • ‘The upper class elite were the ones using Ciceronian language.’
      • ‘For work purposes (don't ask, long story), I have been reading random excerpts of Ciceronian speeches in the Latin (yes, * showoff * I can barely read some Latin) and English.’
      • ‘These phrases are linked in the continuous prose of a reasoned argument that moves through the phases of a formal Ciceronian oration.’
      • ‘On 21 January 1712, as was the custom, he gave his inaugural lecture - in very elegant Latin and a style truly Ciceronian.’
      • ‘Here was Bruni displaying his rhetorical skills as a Ciceronian orator, conducting a formal exercise in rhetoric and dialectic (persuasion through argument).’