Definition of cicatrize in English:


(British cicatrise)


  • (with reference to a wound) heal by scar formation.

    no object ‘his wound had cicatrized’
    • ‘It effectively soothes, softens, decongests and cicatrises skin.’
    • ‘This oil appears to be one of the most effective, naturally occurring, cicatrizing agents.’
    • ‘Oil of Tamanu appears to be one of the most effective known cicatrizing agents in nature.’
    • ‘The unique cicatrising properties of Tamanu Oil are not yet explained in existing scientific literature, though this activity is established and accepted.’
    • ‘An injury from a kris blade cicatrises with more difficulty.’
    • ‘For a wound to cicatrize more quickly or for tissue to regenerate after an operation, it is now proposed that stem cells be transplanted to the traumatized region.’
    • ‘They became very quickly impressed by its cicatrising properties.’
    • ‘In the middle ages, pastel leaves were applied in poultice for their cicatrising virtues.’
    • ‘Afterwards he noticed that a ten-year old hemiparesis was cured in five minutes and a 3-day old wound was instantly cicatrised and healed.’


Late Middle English: from Old French cicatriser, from cicatrice ‘scar’ (see cicatrix).