Definition of chutney in English:


nounPlural chutneys

mass noun
  • A spicy condiment of Indian origin, made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar.

    count noun ‘various chutneys and yogurt dips’
    • ‘Fruit chutney is wonderful with blackened fish - it adds a sweet taste to a spicy dish.’
    • ‘I started with home-made game terrine and lemon chutney, while Vicky chose the smoked salmon with lemon, capers and red onion.’
    • ‘The parfait had a nice crumbly-soft texture, great for spreading, and the fruit chutney was sharp and sweet and quite addictive.’
    • ‘Indian groceries also carry many prepared ingredients, such as paneer cheese and the chutneys, curries and vegetable condiments called pickles that can be used to spice up grilled chicken or fish.’
    • ‘I make this snack from time to time, sometimes omitting the onion, and occasionally adding chutney instead of mustard.’
    • ‘Mostarda di Cremona, a candied fruit chutney in mustard syrup, is available in most Italian delis.’
    • ‘The tamarind chutney did smell like it had been there for a while, but maybe that's what gave it the extra flavor.’
    • ‘Put a bright summer cloth on the table with a vase of flowers and serve your feast with barbecue relish, chutney and tomato sauce.’
    • ‘Samosa is usually served with green chutney, but a samosa dipped into tomato sauce is equally tasty.’
    • ‘You could fry up and then pound a mix of mustard and cumin seeds, curry leaves, fresh ginger and chilli to make the spice base of fresh chutneys.’
    • ‘Instead of butter, spread the toast under the cheese mixture with a thick layer of chutney.’
    • ‘He liked cayenne pepper, chutney, pickles, mustard and other condiments.’
    • ‘How we then found room for the lavish selection of cheeses, pear chutney and home-made warm oatcakes is still a mystery.’
    • ‘We are presented with two tiny cups of sticky, syrupy, vinegar-y chutney.’
    • ‘They're the equivalent of a fresh Indian chutney, served as a complement to the main dish.’
    • ‘Every last person who has accompanied me here has remarked upon this chutney's sterling qualities.’
    • ‘It is to be noted, however, that Indians make non-sweet chutneys from the fresh fruit; these are quite different from the more jam-like product which they export.’
    • ‘Some poppadoms arrived with cucumber yoghurt, chutney and a dry spicy vegetable dip while we checked out what was on offer.’
    • ‘The screen shows orderly, well-stocked aisles of rice and spices, chutney and dates.’
    • ‘Or how about Wensleydale, spinach and autumn fruit chutney in a rosemary and raisin roll?’
    relish, chow chow, piccalilli, sauerkraut
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Early 19th century: from Hindi caṭnī.