Definition of churn something out in English:

churn something out

phrasal verb

  • Produce something mechanically and in large quantities.

    ‘artists continued to churn out uninteresting works’
    • ‘Even as new applications are churned out, old ones need maintaining and even newer ones developing.’
    • ‘There, more than six kilometres of automatic conveyors, computers and state-of-the-art machinery churn out all shapes and sizes of furniture for the leisure, domestic and office markets.’
    • ‘The tiny country of less than 500,000 people had a gross domestic product of $US1.85 billion in 2001 and churns out 350,000 barrels of oil a day.’
    • ‘London has always drawn in the poor and hopeful, and churned out the richer and more successful, who move out because they are worried about raising children in the city.’
    • ‘You can take your camera and one of these little machines to parties and churn out snapshots on the spot.’
    • ‘Katherine Ricketts is an incredible dancer and director, and it should make us proud that SFU Contemporary Arts churns out such damn good performers.’
    • ‘And the young people being churned out of our schools have no jobs.’
    • ‘A year ago, it seemed LCD manufacturers couldn't churn the products out fast enough.’
    • ‘Clothes were genuinely brighter in the 1960s because the development of synthetic fabrics and cheap dyeing processes meant that manufacturers could churn them out in whatever colours they wanted.’
    • ‘I went into work early and churned out the press releases due for that week, and then began to proofread and edit some short stories and articles.’
    • ‘This is some of the worst television to have ever been made - and they've been churning it out for over a decade.’
    • ‘These machines churn out umpteen cubic feet of carbon monoxide, polluting the atmosphere and killing more life forms than a few million smokers could ever do.’
    • ‘Asset-price inflation may be rampant but the price of goods in the shops is falling as China continues to churn them out at an increasing rate.’
    • ‘They know there's going to be a high demand for them, so they churn them out using shoddy materials.’
    • ‘But they needed each other: the editor wanted first-rate stories and the reporter churned them out with regularity.’
    • ‘As if there was a factory churning them out around the corner, they kept multiplying.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there is a vast industry churning out forged documents.’
    • ‘Sly and the Family Stone were a veritable factory of fantastic songs, and they seemed to churn them out with no effort at all.’
    • ‘Far too often today historical works are churned out in unreadable academic jargon.’
    • ‘‘The EU is churning this legislation out like mad,’ he said.’
    • ‘By no means, though, should you assume that he simply churns out tales like an automaton working from a template.’
    • ‘The possibilities range from injecting genes to implanting tiny machines that would churn out the necessary proteins nonstop.’
    • ‘Between 1942 and '45, a total of 93 ships were churned out here - roughly one every three weeks.’
    • ‘Back in Tulsa, the John Pickle Company's factory still churns out pressure vessels, many of which sit rusting near the factory gates.’
    • ‘He churns courses out, repeating what has been successful on previous designs.’
    • ‘Today, KKGSS churns out 5,000 flags per month and in six months time, plans to make it 5,000 per day.’
    • ‘Mr. Zanussi says that the Hollywood machine churns out films that exploit the debasing tendencies of man like sex and violence.’
    • ‘Many operators see video-on-demand and subscription VOD as a potential cash machine that will churn out profits for many years.’
    • ‘He adds: ‘The war was this great machine which churned out dead bodies.’’
    • ‘This may not be the book that puts her on the bestseller list, but it's proof that she can churn them out.’
    produce, make, turn out
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