Definition of chupacabra in English:



  • An animal said to exist in parts of Latin America, where it supposedly attacks animals, especially goats.

    • ‘While this explanation is true for many paranormal manifestations, it is also possible cause for the chupacabra's manifestation.’
    • ‘However, one alleged chupacabra was killed in Nicaragua and was examined by scientists at the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua.’
    • ‘‘It was a two-legged chupacabra,’ said Flores, meaning that it was either the mythical creature that no one has been able to identify, or it was a human being.’’
    • ‘It contains photos of animals that have supposedly been killed by chupacabras, and supposed tracks of the beast.’
    • ‘It is the study of such creatures as the Australian bunyip, Bigfoot, the chupacabra, and the Loch Ness monster.’


Spanish, literally ‘goatsucker’, from chupar ‘to suck’ + cabra ‘goat’.