Definition of chunderous in English:



  • 1Affected with nausea; feeling inclined to vomit.

    ‘my chunderous neighbour was now restored to health’
    ‘the chemist could give me something to stop the chunderous feeling’
    • ‘My birthday included my beaut fam coming down to see me and complaining about having to walk everywhere and me feeling chunderous all day.’
    • ‘Even the doctor was feeling chunderous, which made me laugh, as you'd think she would have known better.’
    • ‘Gawd, I feel chunderous.’
    • ‘If you're not feeling chunderous right now, you should be after reading this.’
    • ‘Definitely should have let that cooked breakfast go down before the gym—feeling chunderous.’
    • ‘Feeling chunderous, so I'm not drinking tonight.’
    • ‘Did you feel chunderous, darling?’
    • ‘She's gonna be right chunderous when more dirt from the recent past is splashed across the media.’
    • ‘Another side effect is that I cannot read without feeling chunderous.’
    • ‘I started feeling chunderous at about nine weeks, and it just seems to get worse.’
    sick, nauseated, queasy, bilious, sick to one's stomach, green, green about the gills, green at the gills, ill, unwell, bad
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  • 2Causing nausea.

    ‘I'd recognize that chunderous shirt anywhere’
    • ‘Four architects have described facets of the airport as chunderous.’
    • ‘The speech from the mount was chunderous.’
    • ‘It was precisely his rejection of the 'clapped-out' culture of Europe that framed his crass, ignorant, and chunderous performance of post-imperial Australia.’
    • ‘That the chunderous Liabours and toxic Greens gain the treasury benches because the Nats haven't got it together yet for 2014 is too scary to contemplate.’
    • ‘The milkman delivered it at night and it sat in the sun until 11 am—it was hot, it was already almost on the turn, it was chunderous.’
    • ‘Well, I think his revelations are pretty chunderous.’
    • ‘It is fatuous, chunderous crap of the highest order for this claim to be constantly repeated.’
    • ‘It is demanding in flavour and overly hoppy, leaving the drinker with a chunderous aftertaste and room-clearing beer breath.’
    • ‘Going further off-topic, what about that chunderous piece about our good mate?’
    • ‘I find it pretty chunderous listening to Australians singing "I'll Keep You Warm This Christmas" when it's hot enough here to eat Christmas pud at room temperature.’
    sickening, nauseating, stomach-turning, stomach-churning, emetic, sickly
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1960s: from chunder + -ous.