Definition of chukar in English:


(also chukor, chukar partridge)


  • A Eurasian partridge similar to the red-legged partridge, but with a clucking call like a domestic hen.

    Genus Alectoris, family Phasianidae: two species

    • ‘Poultry comprise two groups: major poultry, chicken, duck and goose, the chicken being the most important; and minor poultry, including pigeon, quail, pheasant, chukar, partridge, Guinea fowl, and waterfowl.’
    • ‘Higher up, grasslands are home to burrowing owls, chukars, and peregrine and prairie falcons.’
    • ‘Along with the common ringneck pheasant and chukar partridge, the rare ‘blue’ pheasant (listed as ‘green’ by the State Department of Fish and Game), black francolin, gray francolin, and both lace-necked and barred doves can be pursued.’
    • ‘Designed to bring women of varying skill levels together in the field, the Women on Target program has organized a variety of women-only hunts for 2002, including pursuing turkey, antelope, ducks, pheasants, chukars and whitetail deer.’
    • ‘The Stoney Brook Preserve is an intensely managed, multi-habitat property with lodgings that offers deer, pheasant, dove, chukar, Hungarian partridge, duck, bass and trout fishing.’


Early 19th century: from Sanskrit cakora.