Definition of chuffed in English:



  • predicative Very pleased.

    ‘I'm dead chuffed to have won’
    • ‘So we felt pretty chuffed with ourselves when we left Opua, as if we'd had something to do with rearranging the elements.’
    • ‘I even ordered a new uniform, though I'm still not chuffed about paying for it.’
    • ‘Understandably, the locals weren't too chuffed - they started a campaign and got a bit of a petition going to stop the legendary hell raisers from living in their midst.’
    • ‘Now 30, he's recently been awarded the accolade of Renaissance Man For The Millennium, though he doesn't seem too chuffed about it.’
    • ‘The young art lot are always chuffed when Ferry turns up.’
    • ‘Let me explain what open-source is and then why I'm so chuffed.’
    • ‘The citizen sits in that studio, gets to express herself, gets applauded, and goes home feeling chuffed.’
    • ‘I've got a nice wee part time gig at the National Library starting next month and I'm well chuffed.’
    • ‘But they have responded extraordinarily and we feel chuffed that our procedures have worked.’
    • ‘I'm also seriously chuffed that I got tickets for two nights of Rolando Villazón in Rigoletto.’
    • ‘I felt quite chuffed that I'd made him feel special, especially considering I sang that same song to a pub full of people very weekend.’
    • ‘The players will feel chuffed with their victory, but they will know they have not won the war yet.’
    • ‘We were friends at school, and I guess I felt chuffed that someone did have a crush on me, but I never acted on it because there was no point.’
    • ‘Although chuffed I shrugged that off as a polite, but unrealistic, compliment.’
    • ‘‘I'm chuffed that so many came from York,’ Warters told the Evening Press after his victory over Ashton.’
    • ‘Considering I didn't even think I'd make it through the introductory lecture never mind the whole semester I am pretty chuffed.’
    • ‘There will be a lot of chuffed people today, including everyone who cares about Britain's heritage, all at the National Railway Museum and York tourist bosses.’
    • ‘Im absolutely chuffed, they're one of my favourite bands and I've never seen them live before.’
    • ‘So a first home goal produced a first home win in front of Chester's biggest crowd of the season, who gave the team and their chuffed new manager a standing ovation.’
    • ‘They threw it in for free because it's President's Day weekend and I was so chuffed that I clapped my hands in glee.’
    happy, glad, delighted, gratified, grateful, thankful, content, contented, satisfied, well pleased, thrilled, elated, as pleased as punch, overjoyed, cock-a-hoop, like a dog with two tails, like a child with a new toy
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1950s: from dialect chuff ‘plump or pleased’.