Definition of chucklesome in English:



  • Causing mild amusement; humorous.

    ‘the script is chucklesome rather than hilarious’
    • ‘He is an astute enough character comic, but his material is hardly challenging, gentle chucklesome fayre for a Sunday evening audience.’
    • ‘But while the film has a certain charm, there is not one chucklesome moment during its entire running time.’
    • ‘We asked you to submit your bestest most chucklesome haiku about the fact that Abi Titmuss had become good pals with David Beckham on the set of Goal 2.’
    • ‘Even Fables has its chucklesome moments, although they are in the context of a load of godawful blather.’
    • ‘The script is chucklesome rather than high-octane hilarious.’
    • ‘He's certainly more shy than I expected, and seems grateful for the presence of a chucklesome PR at our pond-side cafe.’
    • ‘The comedy was chucklesome rather than hilarious, a couple of scenes falling flat, but in the main it kept things bubbling.’
    • ‘Everyone who meets you, E, is struck by how smiley and chucklesome you are.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, it's a chucklesome 200-odd pages, bright and breezy and bubbling with imagination and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘The artwork is early Doris Matthaus watercolor and can be seen in the pictures: cartoonish, humorous and chucklesome.’
    • ‘Being as the producers almost decided to stretch a movie out of the already padded (but chucklesome) episode Kamp Krusty, this is worth worrying about.’