Definition of chuckhole in English:



North American
  • A hole or rut in a road or track.

    • ‘Dusty when dry, filled with bottomless chuckholes when wet, and with few bridges, the roads were often impassible.’
    • ‘Much of the highway is in fair condition, with older patched pavement and a minimum of gravel breaks and chuckholes.’
    • ‘Maybe the next hailstorm could fill a few of our chuckholes… if we pray for the kind that hails from Texas.’
    • ‘They will be cruising along a thoroughfare when an enormous chuckhole appears ahead in the road.’
    • ‘The secret to a long lasting patch is to have the chuckhole clean and dry before you start.’
    • ‘The Street Maintenance Division will patch large chuckholes to eliminate traffic hazards in substandard public streets and clean adjacent ditches, but will not resurface the street.’
    • ‘A deep chuckhole creates a severe jolt and can cause a stopping fall where the wheel stops suddenly while momentum carries the cyclist over the handlebars.’
    • ‘To report chuckholes and low areas filled with water, call the Department of Public Works Assistance Center.’
    • ‘The durability courses contain rough road surfaces such as resonance, impact and chatter bumps, chuckholes, V-ditches, twists and washboards for testing chassis body and suspension components.’
    • ‘Only three chuckholes were reported in the city limits and the Mayor filled them on the spot.’
    • ‘More likely problems are minor cracks, crumbling and chuckholes, which are relatively easy to repair.’
    • ‘We bicycled around old town dodging ruts and chuckholes and ignoring the stares from the locals and uniformed children getting out of school.’
    • ‘The Soapy-Dope, a mean old monster who lives in a chuckhole beside the road, likes to scare happy little woodland animals.’
    • ‘If you are a bicycle commuter on Airport Way, that chuckhole near Lucille St. isn't all you have to worry about (and yes, there is a chuckhole in the road headed north - beware).’
    • ‘The bad thing about this time of year is all chuckholes and also the debris that is along the curb.’
    • ‘This places the chuckholes and the like in the area between the rear wheels of the prime mover and the wheels of the trailer.’
    • ‘Ms. Dickey had simply arrived on the employer's premises shortly prior to the start of her work shift, parked her vehicle in the accustomed place, and had moved only a short distance when she slipped on ice in a chuckhole adjacent to the rear of her vehicle.’
    • ‘And now, they have to drive on residential streets that are rutted and full of icy chuckholes because the city doesn't clear those streets.’
    • ‘My front tire went into a huge chuckhole and, contrary to what I thought, did not decide to exit the chuckhole.’
    • ‘The chuckhole is cleaned and the failed base removed.’