Definition of chuck up in English:

chuck up

phrasal verb

  • Vomit.

    ‘I nearly chucked up’
    • ‘After a few weeks of chucking up and feeling generally awful, my mother asked me the $64,000 question, ‘Wendy, are you having a baby?’’
    • ‘Not because I'm a fan of marital harmony or anything, but because they both have completely noxious romantic subplots now, subplots that make me want to chuck up my dinner.’
    • ‘No-one appeared to know I was chucking up thanks to Uncle Alcohol.’
    • ‘The oatmeal looked like something that the dog chucked up.’
    • ‘I'm the only one under this roof (besides the cat) who hasn't chucked up her pizza and orange juice.’
    • ‘Actually, I do think the guy on the right is going to chuck up, but I don't think it's terror.’
    • ‘My whole body got the heebie-jeebies and even now, as I think about it, I feel like chucking up!’
    • ‘I was given so many glasses of Stag's Breath that I chucked up at Tyndrum.’
    • ‘‘You want coff?’ he asked when lunch was finished, and you couldn't be sure whether he was offering caffeine, or the chance to chuck up like the Romans, and start again.’
    • ‘God love her, rather than chucking up on the floor, she had the presence of mind to hurl into her umbrella!’
    • ‘The way to combat this problem is to revive another ancient Italian tradition by sticking two fingers down your throat and chucking up your meal so as to indulge yourself some more.’
    • ‘I shudder and feel like I'm about to chuck up on the pavement.’
    • ‘I must have looked like a demon cat trying to chuck up a gooey hairball!’
    • ‘They filled me up with milk to try and keep me quiet, but I sort of overflowed and chucked up all over Mum and her seat.’
    • ‘The cramp was making my leg twitch a bit and when I chucked up it just relieved me so much - I was so pleased to get it up.’
    • ‘The Queen has advised that I can have her room for the night and I will probably drink so much I end up chucking up in her crown!’
    be sick, spew, spew up, fetch up
    regurgitate, bring up, spew up, heave up, cough up
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