Definition of chuck it down in English:

chuck it down


  • Rain heavily.

    • ‘Here it is, Friday night again, and it's chucking it down.’
    • ‘And it looks like no end is in sight, well, at least not tomorrow, which appears as if it will be chucking it down again.’
    • ‘It was chucking it down just north of Paris, which I'd feared ever since I'd seen the long range weather forecast earlier in the week, but thankfully the rain ceased just as we pulled into Gare du Nord and the rest of the day was simply glorious.’
    • ‘By 10: 00 am it started clouding over, by 11: 00 am it was full cloud, then at midday it just chucked it down.’
    • ‘I had been considering hanging out the washing and it suddenly starting chucking it down.’
    • ‘It started raining quite early in the proceedings, continued to chuck it down at various intensities as the afternoon wore on, and ended up with the sort of downpour that Noah must have faced on ark-launching night.’
    • ‘Abysmal weather today, it rained all day and absolutely chucked it down as I left work making driving home not much fun.’
    • ‘You'd go out in your shirt sleeves and it would chuck it down with rain, or you'd take your umbrella to work only to lose it on a park bench in the ensuing heatwave.’
    • ‘For one thing, it's chucking it down with rain at the moment, so the warm evening sunshine is highly unlikely.’
    • ‘We played at Bath on New Year's Day and it was chucking it down.’