Definition of chuck a mental in English:

chuck a mental


  • Become unable to control one's temper or emotions.

    ‘he looks like he's about to chuck a mental at any moment’
    • ‘My father's just about to chuck a mental.’
    • ‘Mr Lee chucked a mental and told them to come back after school.’
    • ‘She didn't even chuck a mental at me because she was too busy bawling.’
    • ‘Some stupid cow chucks a mental because he wouldn't let her 10 year old into a popular MA rated film.’
    • ‘I ended up my day with him chucking a mental at me over the stupidest thing imaginable.’
    • ‘I considered rubbing the excess ink across the front of my school jersey but knew that Mum would chuck a mental come laundry day.’
    • ‘If you aim too high, you may find the workload overwhelming and feel so stressed out that you chuck a mental two weeks into Term 1.’
    • ‘When this article appeared in a national newspaper, they chucked a mental.’
    • ‘I wouldn't want the moment of the century ruining by somebody chucking a mental when things were just hotting up.’
    • ‘Cody could feel himself about to chuck a mental.’