Definition of chrysocolla in English:



mass noun
  • A greenish-blue mineral consisting of hydrated copper silicate, occurring as opaline crusts and masses.

    • ‘For instance, azurite, chrysocolla, and turquoise bring to mind vivid images of various shades of blue.’
    • ‘An unusual occurrence of dioptase associated with paramelaconite, atacamite, cuprite, chrysocolla, and plancheite is described in ore from the Algomah mine, Ontonagon County, Michigan.’
    • ‘It is found in association with cerussite, calcite, hemimorphite, aurichalcite, malachite, willemite, and chrysocolla.’
    • ‘The highly fractured felsite is cemented by veinlets of chrysocolla and malachite with minor amounts of cuprite.’
    • ‘Typically, the gold was associated only with secondary iron oxides, although several locations produced attractive specimens with malachite and chrysocolla and, in one location, minor galena and cerussite.’


Late 16th century (in the Greek sense): from Latin, from Greek khrusokolla, denoting a mineral used in ancient times for soldering gold.