Definition of chronicity in English:



  • See chronic

    • ‘What I would like to see more research on is the chronicity of these illnesses.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that, despite the chronicity of this illness, short-term treatment with antidepressant medications results in rapid and marked improvement in social and vocational functioning.’
    • ‘A complete blood cell count with differential is sometimes useful to assess the illness further, in terms of detecting the severity of the infection, presence of associated conditions, and chronicity of infection.’
    • ‘With its trait-like early onset, pervasiveness, and high chronicity, social anxiety disorder may be alternatively conceptualised as the pathologically extreme form of the continuum of social anxiety present in the community.’
    • ‘With this patient then, the issues of chronicity, pervasiveness, ‘level of distress’, etc. would calibrate the application of any specific technique.’