Definition of chromosome number in English:

chromosome number


  • The characteristic number of chromosomes found in the cell nuclei of organisms of a particular species.

    • ‘It is unlikely that the collection of smaller linkage groups represent any additional chromosomes within the Ambystoma genome because the haploid chromosome number is indisputably 14 and microchromosomes are not known in this group.’
    • ‘The two parental species are diploid with the same chromosome number.’
    • ‘Representative diploid and polyploid genotypes were investigated to confirm their chromosome number and DNA amount.’
    • ‘These cells have a modal chromosome number of 21, as previously determined and regularly checked, with a doubling time of 12-15 hours.’
    • ‘Meiosis is the process by which diploid organisms reduce their chromosome number by half to produce haploid gametes for sexual reproduction.’