Definition of chromo in English:



North American
    • ‘By 1870, Benson and others categorized cheap mass-produced chromolithography outside the definition of good taste, and thus any painting that resembled a chromo was dismissed.’
    • ‘Trade card collecting became a popular pastime during the 1880s until chromos were replaced by color magazine advertisements in the 1890s.’
    • ‘These chromos were characterized by printing in dark thick inks that were heavily coated with varnish.’
    • ‘The chromo itself cost sixty dollars, and when surrounded with a plush or engraved frame, it fetched one hundred dollars or more, a figure comparable to that of a framed copy of a ‘Raphael’ Madonna painted on porcelain.’
    • ‘Glossy chromo paper was too costly, so we used simpler paper that cost us much less.’