Definition of chromide in English:



  • A small deep-bodied fish of India and Sri Lanka, found in brackish water.

    Genus Etroplus, family Cichlidae: the orange chromide (E. maculatus) and the green chromide (E. suratensis)

    • ‘Residents in its Sungei Buloh Besar river include sharp-shooting banded archerfish, which spit water to dislodge insects from their perches beyond the water, as well as the green chromide, sea bass and schooling mullets.’
    • ‘The Green chromide, an aquarium fish, is a native of India and Sri Lanka, and is found in the mangrove-lined estuaries along the Johor Straits.’
    • ‘On the other hand, a single specimen will usually mix well with small, sturdy, low-salinity brackish water fish including bumblebee gobies, orange chromides, and glassfish.’
    • ‘Anyway, they are fine with orange chromides, but being predators, they will eat any baby chromides.’
    • ‘Even though they are aggressive in small tanks, they are peaceful in big tanks when there are at least 6 of the Green chromide fish.’


1930s: from modern Latin Chromides (former order name), formed irregularly from Chromis (genus name), from Latin chromis ‘sea fish’.