Definition of chromatopsia in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Abnormally coloured vision, a rare symptom with various causes.

    • ‘Persons who have chromatopsia do not have cone vision.’
    • ‘In most cases, nothing abnormal is noticed immediately except the dazzling sensation; it is only after that a cloud floats with irregular undulations before the eyes, associated with irritating after-images, photophobia, photopsia and chromatopsia.’
    • ‘Medications used in cardiology, especially antiarrhytmic digitalis and amiodarone, cause ocular disturbances producing chromatopsia (yellow or green tint), blurred vision, and corneal microdeposits or deposits of lens during amiodarone treatment.’
    • ‘Color vision can be disturbed; chromatopsia is most common for yellow and green but less frequently red, brown and blue vision can occur.’
    • ‘Xanthopsia is a form of chromatopsia, a distortion in color vision, in which objects appear more yellow than they truly are.’


Mid 19th century: from chromato- ‘colour’ + Greek -opsia ‘seeing’.