Definition of chromatogram in English:



  • A visible record (such as a graph) showing the result of separating the components of a mixture by chromatography.

    • ‘The chromatogram produced can then be used to give an autoradiograph so the compounds that the radioactive material has been incorporated into can be readily identified.’
    • ‘The same peak kept showing up in chromatograms, one after another.’
    • ‘The adhesive was first tested to determine that it was not alcohol soluble and did not contain chemicals that would react with the vanillin reagent used to visualize terpenes in the chromatograms of the isolated trichome samples.’
    • ‘Standards were visualized by ninhydrin reagent and the chromatogram containing phosphorylated proteins was autoradiographed.’
    • ‘Extracts of material from New Zealand dating back to a meteor impact 65 million years - during the Cretaceous-Tertiary, K-T - period were thought to contain fullerenes because of intriguing peaks in their chromatograms.’