Definition of chromaticism in English:



  • See chromatic

    • ‘A visit to North Africa inspired his interest in Islamic culture, which surfaces in the exotic chromaticism of the Hafiz and Muezzin sets.’
    • ‘Although Park's palette turned toward an ebullient chromaticism in subsequent years, a carving approach to paint handling remained consistent in his work until health considerations forced him to give up oils in 1959.’
    • ‘Instead, he found ways to push boundaries from within a tonal universe, stacking chords on top of one another, stretching chromaticism to its outer limits and swaddling his expressionist musical dramas in intoxicating swirls of color.’
    • ‘In the opening bars of ‘O liberty’, for example, the added clarinet and bassoon seem to clutter the music with extraneous chromaticism, contradicting what is suggested by the movement of the bass.’
    • ‘However, Campbell too performed some wonderful jazz work, illustrating some of the challenging chromaticism and irregular syncopation with which jazz music is synonymous.’