Definition of chromate in English:



  • A salt in which the anion contains both chromium and oxygen, especially one of the anion CrO₄²⁻.

    • ‘The film has a fritted structure and is a complex mixture of chemical compounds - mainly zinc ammonium phosphate and chromates.’
    • ‘The coating includes from 2 to 4 parts of an oxide and one part of a chromate, molybdate, oxalate, phosphate, or tungstate.’
    • ‘In addition, occupational causes include radon in indoor environments, arsenic, asbestos, chromates, chloromethyl ethers, nickel, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and other agents.’
    • ‘I mentioned yesterday that analogous difference between chromium and chromate, the chromate is much more toxic than the trivalent chromium.’
    • ‘This happened when organic polymers replaced chromates in both external and internal water treatment.’


Early 19th century: from chromic + -ate.