Definition of chromaffin in English:



  • attributive Denoting granules or vesicles containing adrenaline and noradrenaline, and the secretory cells of the adrenal medulla in which they are found.

    • ‘This would be an appropriate signal to stimulate fusion of docked fusion-ready chromaffin granules.’
    • ‘The chromaffin tissue (adrenal medulla homologue) is located mainly in the anterior region of the kidney in teleostean fishes.’
    • ‘Even in much smaller secretory vesicles such as chromaffin vesicles, differential interference contrast microscopy has shown that swelling of vesicles also occurs only after exocytotic fusion and not before.’
    • ‘The chromaffin cells and mast cells may serve some modulatory function in the neurohumoral transmission that occurs at the principal ganglionic neurons through the release of the bioactive substances they contain.’
    • ‘For example, our results may help explain the motions of secretory granules in chromaffin cells of the adrenal medulla.’


Early 20th century: from chromo- ‘chromium’ + Latin affinis ‘akin’ (because readily stained brown by chromates).