Definition of chroma in English:



mass noun
  • Purity or intensity of colour.

    • ‘The guppy is sexually dichromatic, with males being genetically polymorphic for color patches that vary in hue, chroma, reflectivity, size, number, and location on their body.’
    • ‘Second, sensory systems may be biased toward particular values of some signal parameters such as size, frequency, or chroma.’
    • ‘Odita's tectonics of chroma is strongest in Dutch Light.’
    • ‘Miller's paintings are about light - not white, diffused light, but rich, life-giving chroma.’
    • ‘We quantified color using three standard descriptors of reflectance spectra: hue, chroma, and intensity of each individual.’
    • ‘The pearlescent pigment prepared according to the present invention has excellent luster and chroma, since a coating layer of metal oxides is smooth and the dispersibility of the particles is excellent.’
    • ‘Dragicevic's combination of bleached-out chroma, lack of bravura and resurrected idioms makes for commendably uningratiating paintings.’
    • ‘While chroma tends to be faint and fugitive in Bell's early sculptures, a selection of recent works at Jacobson Howard was downright colorful.’
    • ‘A husky black version and a slender white one reveal their forms unfettered by chroma.’
    • ‘Significant differences according to species occur with all three parameters: brightness, chroma, and hue.’
    • ‘Humans perceive and classify color using two properties: hue and chroma.’
    • ‘The prisms of colour were so strong, so defined, that it was as if the table had been magically coated with a strange and alien palette of chroma.’
    • ‘Graphite hits the retina in allusive ways, and in these drawings, broad tonal variety and the use of both white and buff sheets simulate chroma.’
    • ‘The new species and its allospecies, P ruficeps are identical in color of the back and in lightness and hue of the crown, but are 100% separable in lightness, chroma, and hue of the belly; in color and pattern of the face; and in song.’
    • ‘Viewers can look underneath and inside the purple forms for a full sensory immersion in chroma and aroma.’
    • ‘High chroma, the intensity of a color, will put more punch in reds and light blues for compacts and sports cars.’
    • ‘Seidl's paintings, with their blunted contours, blending chroma and reticulate brushwork, are all about flux, immanence and the mutating visual field.’
    • ‘Newman uses chroma to animate and differentiate forms.’
    • ‘Borosilicate-based pigments create even more chroma, color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity than traditional pearlescent pigments.’
    • ‘We note that, in the model, sex and year effects showed the same patterns of difference as in previous analyses (results not shown): sexual dichromatism in UV reflectance and blue chroma seem independent of age in the barn swallow.’


Late 19th century: from Greek khrōma ‘colour’.