Definition of Christmas disease in English:

Christmas disease


mass noun
  • A form of haemophilia caused by deficiency of the blood-clotting factor IX rather than the more common factor VIII.

    • ‘Despite suffering from haemophilia B, otherwise known as Christmas disease<\em>, the 12-year-old was chosen to receive the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award.’
    • ‘Factor IX is used for treating sufferers of Christmas disease, which is a rarer and more serious form of haemophilia (type B).’
    • ‘Examples include classic hemophilia, Christmas disease (hemophilia B), von Willebrand's disease, Stuart-Prower disease and other clotting factor deficiencies. • Persons with chronic liver disease.’
    • ‘Type B haemophilia is also known as the ‘Christmas disease.’’
    • ‘Like hemophilia A, hemophilia B, or factor IX deficiency (also known as Christmas disease), is an X-linked chromosome bleeding disorder.’


1950s: from the name of Stephen Christmas, the first patient examined in detail.


Christmas disease