Definition of Christmas card in English:

Christmas card


  • A greetings card given or sent at Christmas.

    • ‘Or use plain boxes and decoupage or paste recycled Christmas cards on the lid.’
    • ‘Police had sent Christmas cards to many of Oldham's most prolific burglars warning them to spend the festive period at home.’
    • ‘I wonder if anyone noticed that I didn't send a single Christmas card.’
    • ‘The last time I heard from him he'd sent me a Christmas card with a message saying that he'd moved, but forgot to put his new address on it!’
    • ‘Christmas was an occasion for tears - as no one ever sent him a Christmas card and he had to sit for hours watching other patients open their presents.’
    • ‘I told Amy that my mom sends Christmas cards to people she met in the dentist office waiting room.’
    • ‘A few years ago someone mailed us a beautiful Christmas card with Mary and Jesus on the front.’
    • ‘As we spoke, she showed me a Christmas card which had been sent to her by a widow in East Sussex.’
    • ‘The Royal Mail now moves over a billion Christmas cards each December.’
    • ‘In fact, you can even do away with Christmas cards altogether, unless the person you are sending it to is especially near and dear.’
    • ‘Her scenes were used on Christmas cards, a calendar and notelets.’
    • ‘They have not merely sent out Christmas-themed Christmas cards, but recreated the nativity scene on the front.’
    • ‘I'd love to say that we're still in touch and she sends me Christmas cards every year but that just isn't the case.’
    • ‘We are also urging businesses not to send Christmas cards, but instead donate money to the appeal.’
    • ‘The boys and girls were asked to design and make a Christmas card suitable for sending to senior citizens and people living alone.’
    • ‘A couple who once had to wait 12 years for a Christmas card to be delivered have experienced more postal problems.’
    • ‘For example, each year he gives a Christmas card to clients, volunteers and staff.’
    • ‘He used to send me Christmas cards, but he finally stopped a couple of years ago.’
    • ‘I was going to send them all a thank you card but now it's time to send Christmas cards.’
    • ‘The spreadsheet can be used to help you balance your finances or keep track of who you should be sending Christmas cards to.’
    greetings card, postcard, birthday card, good luck card, get well card, sympathy card
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Christmas card