Definition of Christianization in English:


(also Christianisation)


  • See Christian

    • ‘During the seventh and eighth centuries, the Celtic and Benedictine monasteries played a vital role in the Christianization of the former Roman Empire.’
    • ‘In the aftermath of the Spanish-American War in 1898, these Disciples believed America stood poised to play a significant role in the Christianization and elevation of the world.’
    • ‘The Anglo-Saxons, Christianized from Rome, Francia, and Ireland, thought they had a duty to evangelize their continental cousins without realizing quite how much Christianization had already taken place.’
    • ‘What must, therefore, surprise us in Britain is not that recent research has indicated a considerable amount of Christianization in the fourth century, but that there is not more.’
    • ‘By and large, slave holders through the early nineteenth century were hostile to, suspicious of, or largely indifferent to the Christianization of the enslaved given the religion's egalitarian aspects.’