Definition of Christianist in English:



  • An advocate or supporter of fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

    ‘radical Christianists’
    • ‘No Christianist would disagree with what she's written here.’
    • ‘Christianists, of course, are free to call themselves whatever they like.’
    • ‘They see in him the incarnation of the Christianist, which is a sort of swear word meaning "Christians who say things I dislike."’
    • ‘He invites Christians to separate themselves from the Christianists.’
    • ‘"Tolerance" to a Christianist means several things, most of which they oppose.’


  • Relating to, advocating, or supporting fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

    ‘Christianist voters’
    ‘the Christianist point of view’
    • ‘We can confront them to a great extent on Christianist morality, or rather the lack of any.’
    • ‘You will find there a succinct discussion of the reasoning behind the modern Christianist movement.’
    • ‘I had heard that the article gave succor to Christianist arguments against science.’
    • ‘There is the wholesale, near-invisible adoption of at least some portions of a Christianist worldview by even the most mainstream media.’
    • ‘Look at the infiltration of science and health programs with Christianist propaganda.’


1990s: from Christian + -ist.