Definition of chowkidar in English:


(also chokidar)


  • (in South Asia) a watchman or gatekeeper.

    • ‘The chowkidar took me out early in the morning to spot wildlife and we saw some beautiful birds and wild deer.’
    • ‘Shahid said that a month ago some miscreants had come to this school with a can of fuel to burn down the school but the chowkidar and other people stopped them.’
    • ‘Evening bus travellers were an exceedingly bored lot, second only to high school teachers, night chowkidars, and government clerks.’
    • ‘I found the chowkidar and got him to open the gates.’
    • ‘I asked an old chowkidar in one of the buildings to what had happened to the stalls.’


From Urdu caukīdār, from caukī ‘toll house’ + -dār ‘keeper’.