Definition of chosen in English:




  • Having been selected as the best or most appropriate.

    ‘he is by no means a forerunner in his chosen field’
    • ‘Colin's chosen literary field was horror, and he dreamed of becoming the next Stephen King.’
    • ‘London has become their natural alternative business base, and their chosen second home.’
    • ‘The Government believes the cash will encourage people to carry on in their chosen careers.’
    • ‘For some of us it is to be the best at our job and achieve greatness in our chosen field.’
    • ‘Spread far and wide across the world, many have made a mark in their chosen fields.’
    • ‘This will never be the chosen task of the people currently in power in Washington.’
    • ‘The above heading leads me nicely onto my chosen subject: three books I have read recently.’
    • ‘Thus a person's chosen lawyer may be ill or engaged elsewhere or conflicted out.’
    • ‘No side can expect to win when the chosen players can't perform the basics even half-right.’
    • ‘Bill is moving to Calgary in hopes of finding a job in his chosen career as a corrections officer.’
    • ‘Today's the last day for you to cast your vote for your chosen category.’
    • ‘If two or more people suggested the chosen name, the winner will be picked out of a hat.’
    • ‘John was a true gentleman whose commitment to his chosen career was of the highest calibre.’
    • ‘Many of the hundreds of doctors he trained went on to become eminent in their chosen fields.’
    • ‘Fascinating stuff, even if your chosen destination is Torremolinos rather than Tokyo.’
    • ‘Those who want to work in their chosen fields often have to migrate to other countries.’
    • ‘Bear in mind your future requirements, and consider how extendable your chosen system needs to be.’
    • ‘She really is an exceptional woman and her commitment to her chosen sport is astounding.’
    • ‘Despite more than two decades on the buses, Julie is a keen advocate for her chosen vocation.’
    • ‘Our chosen walk is perfect for the inexperienced rambler as it is pretty much straight, with no map needed.’
    required, necessary, proper, right, correct
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  • chosen few

    • A small group of people who enjoy special privileges or treatment, typically in a way thought to be unfair.

      ‘why have they kept this secret to themselves, the chosen few?’
      • ‘May we answer free people, worthy of freedom and firm in the conviction that freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few but the universal right of all God's children.’
      • ‘Sandra will be introducing the evening by talking about her work as an artist but mainly on why everybody should go to local art shows, the fact that they are for everybody, not just the chosen few.’
      • ‘I'm afraid you will have to enjoy this one vicariously, however, as only the chosen few can partake.’
      • ‘Until some mechanism is found for giving advice to the great mass of the population, sensible financial planning will remain the exclusive privilege of the chosen few.’
      • ‘After centuries of changing political rule, however, education became the privilege of a chosen few, and was confined within the walls of the palaces.’
      • ‘They were special people doing a special job they loved, and you can bet they felt privileged to be among the chosen few to fly in space.’
      • ‘Every deficiency is magnified, the feelings of loneliness, poverty, and hopelessness casting long and cold shadows over the snow in the face of the opulence of the chosen few.’
      • ‘Luke is one of the lucky chosen few, and the admission could mean realising his dreams of entering a prominent law school.’
      • ‘And after 10 years covering the Exchange, she is one of the chosen few who enjoy exclusive media access to the Exchange floor.’
      • ‘I just kept thinking ‘I'm so blessed to be here,’ that I'm one of the chosen few to get this opportunity.’
  • chosen people

    • 1The Jewish people considered (in Jewish and Christian tradition) as having been selected by God for a special relationship with him.

      • ‘This was a wonderful summary of the faith of the chosen people, and I will certainly recommend this article to my friends.’
      • ‘He is preaching to Israel, God's chosen people, those who worshiped at the temple and synagogue and believed in the God of Abraham.’
      • ‘Originally a secular movement, Zionism has its foundation in the Millenarian belief that the Jews, the chosen people of God, will be reunited from diaspora (dispersion or exile) in their rightful homeland.’
      • ‘It describes how God chose the Jews to be an example to the world, and how God and his chosen people worked out their relationship.’
      • ‘When the Jews accepted the Torah at Mt. Sinai, they became the chosen people whose role and responsibility was to bring a God-given code of morality to the world.’
      • ‘For God's chosen people, with their hard-earned identity of high-mindedness, by definition cannot sink into racist violence.’
      • ‘They saw themselves as God's chosen people, a nation in exile from its land.’
      • ‘We realize that Jews are God's chosen people but we believe we can share in God's care and love.’
      • ‘We should all realize that we are the chosen people of Hashem, and we should use the Mitzvot as our clothing to separate us from the rest of the world.’
      • ‘We need to stand together and remain the chosen people.’
      1. 1.1(in Christian use) those destined for salvation; believing Christians.
        • ‘Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.’
        • ‘The same verb is used in only one other place in the New Testament, Ephesians 1: 6, where the recipients of God's favour are all of God's chosen people.’
        • ‘In the new covenant introduced by Jesus, we have all become God's chosen people, called to spread the marvelous truth of his love to the world.’
        • ‘There are dangerous forces in the world today that are working against the white Christian Americans that are God's chosen people.’
        • ‘God's chosen people become willing in the day of His power.’
        • ‘And yet, for all the distance between our time and the apostles' time, for all the difference between our experience and Peter's, we are still a chosen people and a royal priesthood.’
        • ‘The chosen people from this time on are identified as the faithful Christians of the church of Jesus Christ.’
        • ‘He testified that he believed that a priest was one of God's chosen people, and that one became a priest because of destiny.’
        • ‘By the death of Jesus Christ on the cross God's wrath against our sin is appeased, justice is satisfied and the love of God accomplishes the deliverance of his chosen people.’
        • ‘We are all a chosen people, beloved of God, redeemed by the blood of Christ.’