Definition of choriambic in English:



  • See choriambus

    • ‘Many scholars, however, have re-divided the lines of the strophe to produce three choriambic dimeters and a pherecratean, with the first choriambic dimeter acephalic.’
    • ‘I cite a particularly interesting example from Greek metrics, an Archaic eight-syllable metrical unit known as the choriambic dimeter.’
    • ‘The first line, for example, appears to begin with two unstressed syllables followed by two stressed ones, while the second line unquestionably contains a trochee and an iamb and therefore forms a choriambic foot.’
    • ‘Given the potential for resolution in this pattern, we should take note of the remarkable number of possible configurations for the first metron of the choriambic dimeter and its catalectic kin.’