Definition of chore in English:



  • 1A routine task, especially a household one.

    ‘the early risers were up and about, doing their chores’
    • ‘Mary was a woman of gentle disposition who went quietly about her daily chores.’
    • ‘By the time I get up, do the usual daily chores and get everyone fed it'll be time to go to work.’
    • ‘More people than ever before have someone to do their household chores for them.’
    • ‘The household chores have had to be shared differently as she cannot cut hard vegetables or do the vacuuming.’
    • ‘Geraldine was doing her home chores when the phone rang for her Evening Press interview.’
    • ‘The family thought the young social worker had been sent to help them with household chores.’
    • ‘She missed her daily chores and annoyances and the routines of a normal life.’
    • ‘Meantime, while waiting for Graham to recover, I have a mountain of laundry and other household chores to do.’
    • ‘But at the time, a dozen years ago, cloning a gene was not the routine chore it is today.’
    • ‘Yet there are simple and safe alternatives to those everyday household cleaning chores.’
    • ‘No more will they have to face the daily domestic chores most of us take for granted.’
    • ‘Routine chores, that other people may take for granted, have inevitably become a problem.’
    • ‘Try to schedule some of your routine chores on workdays so that your days off are more relaxing.’
    • ‘She had taken the boys to school and come home to do a few minor household chores.’
    • ‘Domestic helpers are usually associated with menial jobs and household chores.’
    • ‘Her free time in the evenings and at the weekend was spent helping the family with household chores.’
    • ‘Many months passed and the guru and his disciples peacefully went about their routine chores.’
    • ‘Girls as young as four and five are expected to help with household chores and to care for their younger siblings.’
    • ‘Ben helps him 24 hours a week with the shopping, cooking, cleaning and other household chores.’
    • ‘These women are still spending nearly three hours on household chores every day!’
    task, job, duty, errand, thing to be done, burden
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    1. 1.1 A tedious but necessary task.
      ‘he sees interviews as a chore’
      • ‘Tackle winter cleanup chores and repair garden tools.’
      • ‘This meant mastering the tedious chores of day-to-day living as well as making a new social life and network of friends.’
      • ‘To her, it was more of a chore, a necessary task that had to be done in order to remain alive.’
      • ‘This seems strange to some, but why should we not make something fun out of a necessary chore?’
      • ‘Video editing is a taxing chore, which is why we choose to use it on motherboards to test performance.’
      • ‘It reminds us of having to do things like install software, the most tedious of computer chores.’
      • ‘Too many of them were standing around as though fielding were merely a tedious chore to be undertaken before you got your turn at bat.’
      • ‘The week starts with demands from our jobs, lovers, friends and tedious chores.’
      • ‘In the end, ‘Not of this World’ could have been a very good movie; instead it's just a tedious chore.’
      • ‘And training - which is essential to boost your power, stamina and chin - becomes a real chore.’
      • ‘For me, it's so much more of a chore or a necessity than a pleasure.’
      • ‘As a woman I find its application the most tedious chore and will go to any lengths to avoid the process.’
      • ‘The routine is a chore, but the result is spectacular when combined with Cawley's fashion parade of nine costumes.’


Mid 18th century (originally dialect and US): variant of obsolete char or chare (see charwoman).